Secured Payments

Within the framework of implementing electronic e-commerce sites for several of its customers, CiiS was led to interface several secured payment systems among the market leaders.

The notions inherent to interfacing on-line payment systems are manifold. 

Our Teams implemented the following elements on our clients sales sites, totally or partially: 
  • Order validation on the sales site;
  • Local processing or redirection of the Internet user to an on-line payment server;
  • Interpretation of the payment notification sent by the service provider for secured payments;
  • Internet user's return to the sales site and reinstatement of his session context;
  • Error management (quit, timeout, wrong input, fraud, …);
  • Final validation of the Internet user's order after payment;
  • Synchronous or asynchronous validation of bank transactions;
The know-how of the CiiS engineers in the sensitive domain of on-line payments has been acquired when implementing several sales sites for the general public such as:
  • the registration site to the poker tournaments of the Lucien Barrière Group
  • the hotel reservation site for the Louvre Hotels Group


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