Project Management - Special Works

CiiS can be engaged as a provider of system components and play the part of a Project or Subproject Manager, partially or totally.

The developments CiiS can take care of, can be justified in situations coming as follows:
  • Needs for application-related customized functions which cannot be handled by parameterizing or adapting existing off-the-shelf solutions found on the marketplace; 
  • Functional add-ons out of scope or falling outside the planning of the software vendors;
  • Implementation of functional modules ensuring consistent exchanges between several software packages to be integrated within an overall solution;
  • Integrating new technologies;
  • etc.
Depending upon the client's needs, the CiiS engineers can be put in charge of developments in domains as varied as:
  • Implementing data warehouses including their feeding functions;
  • issuing scoreboards;
  • Implementing invoicing and accounting processes;
  • Implementing and running operational websites;
  • Developing operational mobile applications (iPhone, BlackBerry, SmartPhone, ...);
  • Customer Relationship Management or operational management of the processes related to customer loyalty;
  • Developing technical interfaces;
  • etc.
Most of these realizations are carried out within the framework of a fixed-price agreement by CiiS.

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